Richard Cañizares, DMD 

Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Marlene Rivera, DMD

General Dentist


Digital X-Rays

Recent advancements in technology now allow our team to take x-rays digitally. In the past, the exposed film packet would then take up to 10 minutes to develop. With digital radiography, the process is computerized, and as a result it is more comfortable and the photos are instant.


The benefits of administering x-rays with digital radiography technology are twofold. Asides, from collapsing the time frame to complete the process, digital radiography is also much safer for patients as their radiation exposure reduced. A sensor is placed next to your tooth, and within a few moments your X-ray is shown on a computer screen in concise, high definition detail.


The X-ray image can be enhanced or magnified once it has been displayed on the computer monitor; it allows us to make a very accurate assessment and diagnosis. The images are also saved digitally on our computer which allows for instantaneous retrieval, we can easily send the images to specialists or insurance providers, if necessary.

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